How Pilates Can Aid Recovery After Breast Cancer

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Could pilates be a recovery regime for breast cancer?

Many exercises are said to help during breast cancer recovery, but pilates may be among the best. Kimberly + Katherine Corp. hosted a workshop to demonstrate post-operative pilates workouts that might be beneficial.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the organization put on a fitness panel called Pilates for Pink, which helped patients work on incorporating techniques into their recovery process. This allowed for improved strength in shoulders, chest, back and abdominal muscles, which can be weakened by cancer treatments. Patients also received additional benefits, such as enhanced energy and self-confidence, reduced stress and weight control.

“It is our goal to help our clients–whether that means helping them get ready to give birth, prepare for a big event, gain functional fitness or to help them recovery from serious illness,” said founders Kimberly and Katherine. Pilates On Fifth will use training from private sessions to facilitate an active role in wellness, both mentally and physically, for all local NY survivors.

After 20 years of being Rockettes on Radio City, Kimberly and Katherine decided to make a change. They hung up their tap shoes, finished their masters degrees at Columbia University, and then decided to open up a New York Pilates studio right in the center of Manhattan itself. It’s called Pilates On Fifth.



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The goal of Pilates On Fifth is to extend the benefits and healing properties of practicing their pilates methods in both fitness and in all areas of rehabilitation. Theoretically, the end results are regained strength and confidence for both men and women.

Kimberly and Katherine provide more routines in their new book, “Pilates for Beginners.” The book has instructions for 50 easy-to-follow exercises including warm-ups, cool-downs and bonus strengthening workouts so individuals can structure a work-out that feels right to them.



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