Happy Holidays from Hers Magazine

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They hail from Los Angeles to Miami and from New York to New Orleans, Hers magazine writers and editors have worked tirelessly to entertain and inform you throughout 2016. To commemorate the culmination of the year and holiday season, we have crafted a personalized greeting card featuring many, but not all, of our team. You’ll see (from top right to left) Meleena Murray, Allyn Evans,  Tori Riggle, Tommeka Semien, Deborah Hightower, Bianca Nelson, Mona King-Austin, Iman Combs, and Peggy Hattendorf.

The ladies meet at least once per week, facilitated by editor Annette Johnson, to determine what and how they cover the stories in the magazine and on the site.  We have tried to include more male voices and perspectives to bring greater insight into male-female relationships and interactions. Understandably much of the focus during this time has been on politics, as Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the U.S. presidency while accruing more of the popular votes than any other candidate in history. Still, we expect to bring readers as much interesting revelations from everyday women as we do rising talents and celebrities.

Watch out 2017. HERS we come!

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