From KISS to Canvas: Paul Stanley Exhibits Artwork

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You may know Paul Stanley as his make-up clad, rock-and-roll persona in the band, Kiss, but there is more to this rock star than what meets the eye(liner).

Paul Stanley made an appearance at Wentworth Gallery at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, GA to debut his art collection on Saturday, June 16. Throughout his 30-year career, he has grown accustomed to adoring fans lined up waiting to hear him perform with KISS. The crowd was filled with people from all walks of life, including several die-hard Kiss fans and their families. There was a line out the door, sprawling throughout Phipps Center, of people eager to see the rockstar’s new collection.

His work included abstract paintings, mixed media originals, limited edition prints, and hand-painted acrylic sculptures. His pieces were vibrant and diverse- featuring his take on the Mona Lisa as well as a self-portrait and beautiful floral glass sculptures. We briefly had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to this rock icon, who appeared incredibly down-to-earth and excited about the future of his art career.

Below, we have pictures of, just some of, the diverse works of Paul Stanley.


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