‘Father Knows Best’ for Your Wedding Dress?

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What if it was up to the bride’s dad to decide what wedding dress she would wear?

Netflix’s “Father Knows Best” is a fun, light-hearted short film showcasing three newly-engaged daughters and their fathers at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Bridal Salon in New York City on a mission to pick out the perfect wedding dress for the bride. But here’s the catch: the father has to pick out the wedding dress (for his daughter).

Father Knows BestThe father-daughter duos attended a day-long event for a chance to win one $10,000 Saks Fifth Avenue wedding dress for the upcoming nuptials. To help the eager brides and anxious fathers through the day, “Allie the Bridesmaid” served as the film’s host and tour guide, while Tan France, star of Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” made a guest appearance and assisted the fathers on style tips for selecting the perfect wedding dress for their daughters.


Father Knows BestAllie interviewed the three culturally diverse families, showcasing the interaction between real-life fathers and their engaged daughters. Questions included how well the fathers and daughters knew each other and their thoughts on relationships, marriage and overall, love for each other. In some poignant and touching moments, all agreed the fathers wanted to give the best possible wedding experience for their daughters.

One lucky bride received a grand prize of $20,000 cash, plus other gift cards and gift bags – totaling over $26,000. The winning bride received a $10,000 wedding dress from Saks Fifth Avenue. The two remaining brides received $5,000 cash each. The taxes on the winnings were covered by Netflix.

“Father Knows Best” was made to celebrate the premiere of the new original film, “The Week Of,” starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, which will begin streaming on “Netflix” beginning Friday, April 27.

Watch a clip from the short film here:



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