Women's Day Bash

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June 9, 2018

Atlanta, GA

Do you desire to develop and cultivate better relationships with women on a personal and business level? If so, you MUST be at this event. This will be an atmosphere for networking and meeting new people. As women, we take care of everyone else and neglect ourselves. This is a day for you to relax, dance, and shop till you drop. Wear your fabulous heels and jeans. Bring a friend and lots of energy.

Women's Day Bash

Esports Summer Camp

July 8- August 4, 2018

N3rd Street Gamers (NSG) Academy and Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP) are proud to unveil the world’s premier esports industry summer camp launching for 2018! 
This camp offers a unique opportunity, molding talented young players into seasoned competitors and taking their game to the next level. “With nearly $7 million dollars in scholarships being awarded from over 40 universities in the United States and close to $1 billion in tournament prize money handed out in 2017, there is no denying that esports has become a booming industry with an ever increasing list of professional opportunities for young athletes to explore as players and industry professionals,” said Sarah Ohanesian Chief Marketing Officer at JKCP.