Don’t Like, Need or Remember It… Purge It

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Trash or Recycle Worn, Torn, or Stained Items

If you have been watching the news or paying attention to social media, then you know the answer to two questions: Who is running for president?  Where are people suffering?  The former commands a fairly straightforward response.  The latter, on the other hand, is not so easy to answer.  Many, many people all over the world are suffering right now.

Whether it is the people of Haiti who have just experienced another devastating natural disaster; Louisianians who are recovering from historic flooding; children and families in Syria who are living through a civil war; or residents of the East Coast who too have just experienced Hurricane Matthew; there are many, many people both near and far who can use your help.

Aside from the obvious, a monetary donation, you can make an opportunity out of what many of us do each fall and help others in need.  Before you complete your fall purge, identify local charities, ministries, or grassroots causes that will accept your clean and in good conditioned items and donate them directly to people who need it.  The simple act of purging your home of clutter can help others who are experiencing times of distress and uncertainty.

Once you have found a place to donate unneeded or old items, the second step is parting with your personal belongings. This might be challenging for some.  Before you begin this process, make it easy on yourself by choosing specific places and items to purge.  A potential list includes:

  • Closets:coats, pants or blue jeans, sweaters, shoes
  • Pantry: staples that you overstocked or that you probably won’t eat
  • Cabinets: anything that is double stacked (I triple stack mugs) or has no match
  • Garage/Storage: toys, old bikes, books, board games
  • Office/Study: school supplies, books


After your list is complete, the next thing is to resolve to do good.  Make it easier to part with items by choosing those that you don’t like, need or remember.  For all three scenarios, there are bound to be things that you have purchased that proved to be unnecessary like from that $3 sale at the department store.  You can donate clothes that were gifted to your kids that they have quickly outgrown.  If you are a shopaholic who buys first and accessorizes later, then you can donate those patent leather burgundy pumps that have been waiting to be worn for two years.  Maybe when you switched out your fall wardrobe you came across something that you had no memory of purchasing–  purge it.  Items that are almost new or gently used will be greatly appreciated by others.

As you categorize your items for the purge, there are some things that should absolutely not make it to the donation pile.  Things that you don’t want should not be shared with others.  Items that are worn, torn, stained or that you wouldn’t use should be trashed or recycled.  

Before you settle-in for fall, enjoying comfort food and nights by the fire; remember to take time to purge the excess in your life.  If an item is too small, isn’t being used or is not needed, it is an ideal donation.  Remember, your clutter can be someone else’s treasure.

Do you know of a local, national or international charity that is providing direct assistance to people affected by flood, fire, famine or war?   


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