Do Women Really Enjoy Watching Sports?

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By Bethsaida Romelus

Most women have played some kind of sport in their lifetime. Usually they play during high school, and some even get opportunities to play in college. But the issue is, even though we do like to play sports, do we enjoy watching them? There’s a belief among some men that most women don’t enjoy watching sports on television. We would rather watch a romantic comedy on Lifetime or a make-up tutorial. For example, I’m a woman that normally doesn’t watch sports. I barely look up the sports channel on my remote. I don’t think they add anything into my daily life. I’d rather tap into my childish side and watch cartoons on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. Sports is a male dominated field and most women are not given the same opportunities to gain as much success in it as their male counterparts. Even on ESPN women on the channel are mostly used for eye candy and their opinions on sports are often not well received by male viewers. However, I know many women who love sports and talk about them all the time. Look at any sporting event, in the mass of male attendees you will find several women fully dressed in their favorite team’s gear cheering them on. Heck, some women get more pumped up than guys.

But how about when a woman is with her man in front of a television? Is she genuinely watching sports or just trying to please him? If you meet a girl that plays a sport, there’s a good suspicion that she has fun watching them too. A guy can create good opportunities to get to know her better by asking her to watch them with her in a public bar or his home. Men should understand that there are a lot of women into that rough entertainment. Watching games together allows the couple to learn more about each other. But there are also women who just watch by chance. They want to spend as much time with their partner as possible while casually dating so watching sports is an activity that they will partake in. Over time when she gets her partner to commit she will most likely be less interested in it. So watching sports can be a tactic for a woman to make her partner vulnerable to enjoy her company.

So in figuring out whether women really like to watch sports or for her partner’s sake, I say ask the individual herself. Females are very diverse and you will see many women who enjoy watching sports and others that are just trying make their boyfriend feel better. Women not being taken seriously in the sport culture will cause some of them to not invest their time in it but when making great moments with her partner, watching them is a doable option.


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