Death Threats Against K-Pop Star Continue

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The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating a death threat against BTS member Jimin.

The death threat was posted last week by an Instagram user who claims that “September 5’s concert is going to be great especially after I shoot Jimin right in the head.” The concert, which takes place at Staples Center in LA, is part of their Love Yourself world tour.

BTS Bangtan Boys

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, are a Korean pop band. They recently performed at the Billboard Music Awards in May 2018, as well as back in 2017, and were awarded three gold certifications, which marks sales and streams that have reached at least 500,000 units. Their latest gold certification was bestowed on Aug. 8 for their single “Fake Love”, which reached No.10 on the Hot 100. The single comes from their new album, “Love Yourself: Tear”, which rose to No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

The Instagram account that issued the threat against Park Jimin has since been removed. In one post, the user posed with a picture of a gun and wrote, “our little Jiminie is going to die while he’s at the September 5th concert. Just letting you know, I’ll be located near the stage, so my chances of missing my first shot are quite low. I can’t decide between shooting him while the music is blaring your ears or while they’re introducing themselves and everything is dead quiet. I’ll have to sleep on that.” After the first Instagram account was taken down, the user created another account and stated, “I’m going to shoot Jimin September 5 whether you continue disabling my accounts or not, stupid f——. I’m going to be very close to the stage so hitting Jimin on my first try is going to be excitingly easy.”



BTS’ agency, known as Big Hit Entertainment, responded to the threat by saying, “Regardless of the authenticity of the threats, we plan to do our utmost and take all necessary measures in responding to actions that may threaten the safety of the members. We plan to prepare while keeping a close eye on the situation.” This is the third death threat made against Jimin since BTS was formed in 2013.

Back in 2015, the group’s leader, known as Rap Monster, also received a death threat that caused the group to end a concert early in NYC.

The Love Yourself world tour is scheduled to begin next week. It includes fourteen shows in North America that have already been sold out.

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