Danni Starr Quits on Live Radio After Ambush by Co-hosts

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Popular radio personality, Danni Starr got a surprise from her co-hosts on International Women’s Day.

Starr had posted on Instagram that she was looking for a new nanny for her two daughters. In response, a woman Starr called “very pretty” inquired about the job. Before the morning show, apparently Starr showed her co-hosts, QuickSilva and DJ 5’9, the message and her picture, but she said she wouldn’t hire the woman because she’s “too pretty.”

DJ Quick Silva and 5’9 of 93.9 FM WKYS “The Fam in the Morning” brought the “pretty nanny” on the morning show who Starr chose to not consider for the position due to her level of attractiveness. The prospective nanny accused Starr of being insecure among other things.

After they allowed the woman to come up to the station to “speak up for all the pretty chicks,” Starr and the woman exchanged some heated words. “What I chose to do with my household is nobody’s concern,” Starr said. Even after Starr explained about her family history of her father cheating with a babysitter, the “pretty nanny” continued to insist that Starr was simply jealous and insecure.

Starr eventually got so upset by the ambush that she quit live on air, telling her two male co-hosts that they can “kiss her as*.” Radio One CEO, Kathy Hughes, came to Dannii Starr’s defense and fired both Quick Silva and 5’9. Hughes rehired Starr and brought on a full female cast to host this morning’s radio show.


Listen to some of the serious drama that went down LIVE on the air!


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