For the Love of Hair: Cynthia Meadows Creates Hair Colors and Cures

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By Jazmyne Crowder

Hairstylist and entrepreneur Cynthia Meadows has been in the hair industry since the age of 16. Specializing in bold cuts and custom color she has managed to turn her passion into a career. After owning her own hair studio for two years, she has branched off and decided to create a hair care line titled A’BLISS Luxury Hair Care System.

“I’m releasing only three products now,” says Meadows, the owner and operator of A’BLISS Upscale Styling Studio in Jacksonville, Florida. She has six products on her luxury haircare line that she has had specially formulated to both style and protect. “I’ve added natural ingredients that’s extracted into the product to make this work.”


Within the next few months, Meadows plans to release other A’BLISS products, which will include a cosmetic line. In regards to makeup, she will only introduce lip color for now. “I love lipsticks and lip pencils. I’m going to cater to that first, and then I’m going to expand into a full makeup line with lashes, foundations and concealers.”

This is not Meadows’ first foray in developing her own products. In fact, the first time she tried, she failed because she didn’t understand that she needed to protect your idea. “When I first put my product out, I didn’t know anything about business, so I put the product out but didn’t protect my brand name.” She says she introduced her product idea during a training class in Miami. “The same person who sat in my class, went and took my [brand] name, so I had to start over. Now I own A’BLISS, and I’m able to bring it back out…”


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