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Hers Q&A with Lisa Rickert, founder of AVE Home 

Ave Home founder Lisa Rickert describes her designs in three words—elevated, versatile, classic. The mother of two designs began two companies from the ground up, Ave Home and Unfolded. Rickert creates pieces with clean, tight lines for the everyday classic to pieces fit for Marie Antionette.     HERS: When did you realize that you had an eye for design? What made [...]


Spooktacular Chores Infuse Halloween Fun into Housework 

Many kids look forward to Halloween for months, carefully planning their costumes and mapping out the houses that give the best candy. Of course, the night is dedicated to fun, but leading up to the celebration parents can even make chores spooky to get in the spirit of the season while teaching kids valuable life skills.   [...]


Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice? The Secret World of Sugar Relationships 

The average cost of a Chanel handbag is $5,000. This figure is out of reach for most millennials (and, to be fair, most everybody else, too), but there are still ways to obtain one. One could pinch pennies and save up, or to already be rich. Or, a third option a lot of people are increasingly turning to, one [...]


Off the Field: Tony Dungy and Lauren Dungy’s New Children Books Focus on Diversity, Teamwork, and Life Lessons.  

Expanding past parenting their own kids, Tony and Lauren Dungy continue their enthusiasm for children.    Tony Dungy, an NBC sports analysts and Super Bowl winning coach, and his wife, childhood specialist, author, and public speaker Lauren Dungy, released a brand new series of children’s book in August.  Using sports as a tool, these books focus on teaching children the importance of patience, sportsmanship, courage, character, and [...]


Couples Court Is in Session: Relationship Advice from the Married Judges Who Have Seen It All

The Honorable Dana Cutler thought she was being pranked when she first got the call that she and her husband, the Honorable Keith Cutler, would have their own TV show.   “We have a good friend who is a prankster and this would have been right up his alley,” she says. “I kept asking the young lady, ‘Do [...]


Are You a Solopreneur or an Entrepreneur?

“Solopreneur” isn’t a “new” term but it has become more relevant recently. The word can easily be interchanged with the word “entrepreneur.” However, there are distinct differences. As an increasing number of today’s workforce choose to start a business with no intention of hiring a team, solopreneurs are growing rapidly. The differences between solopreneurs and entrepreneurs [...]


Can We Have It All: Career and Marriage? 

One of the biggest questions I get asked by my girlfriends as well as my clients is whether we can have it all – career and marriage? I did some deep soul-searching for the answer after recently becoming engaged, and I felt compelled to take the advice that I had been giving women for years. [...]


‘A Doll’s House Part 2’ Coming to Actor’s Express

“It is so smart, so funny and so impactful – a theatrical sucker punch.”


Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Cauliflower 

Cauliflower has incredible benefits. The institute of Medicine recommends men get 38g of fiber per day, about 30% greater than the recommendation for women. Yet, the average American adult is only getting about 15g, less than half the recommendation. Thankfully, cauliflower has 3g of heart- and gut-healthy fiber per cup. And eating 2-3 cups of roasted [...]


5 Easy Ways to Get Fabulous Fall Hair 

The official start of summer has people relishing warm sun, hot temperatures, and beach vacations. However, little thought goes in to how these summer pleasures might wreak havoc on our hair and skin. Correcting hair and skin damage from the sun and maintaining healthy hair into the fall doesn’t happen overnight; it takes some preparation to keep [...]


From Self-Care to Hair Care: Mommy Mogul Tamika Douglass Parts Her Way into the Beauty Industry 

When it comes to juggling work life and home life, no one does it better than moms. While other mom’s wear many different hats, Tamika Douglass wears wigs.  Douglass is the CEO of Four Star Tresses, “an online luxury hair boutique for the chic, glamorous and sophisticated woman that offers luxurious, affordable, non-processed hair.”  She carries a diverse product [...]


The Healing Power of Sound: Fact or Fad 

She calls herself a “sonic healer” and a “music therapist.” A seasoned guitarist, Dr. Stephanie Rae Grenier plays her therapeutic music for hospice patients. “They keep asking me to come back for some reason… I tune my guitar in 432 Hz and people will tell me that’s it very soothing and healing for them and they don’t know why, but that’s probably why.”  [...]


Family Fun Overall Body Workouts 

This is an overall body partner workout to tone and tighten. These exercises are effective, yet simple enough to do with your children. You can even use working out as a time to bond and catch up with your kids. Check out this circuit which can help you and your family get toned up for Fall.    Instructions:  Start with [...]


How Kickboxing Empowers and Helps You Become a Leader   

Jab! Cross! Left body hook! Right front kick! Left side kick! Right roundhouse kick! Beads of sweat drip down my face as I finish round six. I am exhausted, but the sense of accomplishment is palpable. Not only have I made it through one hour of high intensity exercise after a long day of work in [...]


Are We Responsible for Our Energy? 

In late 1995, a Harvard trained brain scientist suffered a debilitating stroke. It was not clear at first whether she would survive. Even if she did, the amount of damage to her brain functions might have been beyond repair. A rare type of stroke had occurred in the left side of her brain where a major artery had [...]


How God Fills the Gaps in Our Lives 

I was in England a few years ago, the guest speaker at a large women’s conference. I had just undergone about a year of oral reconstruction and surgery and was awaiting the final round of surgeries to permanently implant two teeth on both sides of my front two teeth. The dentist had given me a plate to wear that had two [...]


Unhappy-Go-Lucky: Kate Spade and the Perils of Perfection 

The death of designer Kate Spade in June came as a shock to most. Kate Spade? She— of the polka dot phone cases, sparkly Keds sneakers, and professional but playful dresses, shoes, and handbags? It was the same reaction that followed actor Robin Williams’ death in 2014— how could someone so outwardly happy feel so much inner turmoil?  Spade’s sister Reta Saffo painted a different portrait [...]


Five Tips to Reinvent Your Career at Any Stage of Life 

I recently made the choice to quit my corporate job. After putting up with the same negativity and toxic work environment for years, I decided it was time to go. I could feel this coming for weeks, and I had mentally prepared myself with the departure conversation. When I made the exit, it was on my terms and [...]


Take an Eco-Friendly Off-the-Grid Holiday 

Life away from the trappings of modern society could be just what you need to recharge and relax. Off–the-grid vacations offer guests the chance to get away from it all while getting back to nature.  Courtesy of Eco BnB, here are some hotels or B&Bs surrounded by nature, away from city noise that serve organic food or use renewable energy sources.    Monastery in Umbria  The Eremito is a [...]


The Hers September/October Movie Round Up

Peppermint  Jennifer Garner plays a vengeful young widow in the new action-packed film, Peppermint. After her son and husband are murdered, this grieving mother feels as though she has nothing to lose and seeks to avenge their death. Garner blew up as a CIA operative in the television series, Alias, and she rechannels the energy of that role [...]


The Hers September/October TV Round Up

American Horror Story: Apocalypse  Sarah Paulson and her fellow cast members will be returning this Fall on September 12 for the eighth season of American Horror Story. Since its conception, the series has always begun at the beginning of the Halloween season, and rightfully so. This season promises a crossover between season one (Murder House) [...]


8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are 

Despite achieving 4% GDP growth, America has fallen to 18th in the World Happiness Report’s annual ranking of more than 150 countries. The report suggests three main variables causing the declining happiness in the United States. It states, “America’s subjective well-being is being systematically undermined by three interrelated epidemic diseases, notably obesity, substance abuse (especially opioid addiction), and depression.”   The World Happiness Report provides insight as to why these social issues exist, which [...]

By Example

Mickie James Mixes Music, Motherhood and Matches

As a child, Mickie James and her father spent hours glued to the television watching their favorite wrestlers battle for a championship belt. James admired the eccentric characters who pranced around the ring in elaborate costumes to match their gargantuan egos. One day, she thought, she wanted to be just like them. “I remember saying then, being super [...]


Denise Boutte’s New TV Role: Fighting Breast Cancer

Best known for her role as Sasha Brown on the hit Tyler Perry series “Meet The Browns,” Denise Boutte is set to return to the small screen as the lead in the upcoming TV movie “Her Only Choice.” She plays the role of a woman, Tasha Jackson, who must decide between fighting for her own [...]


Halloween How-To: Vampire Makeup

Leaves are beginning to change, wind is becoming crisper and Starbucks has released pumpkin spiced lattes. Fall is here, and with Halloween quickly approaching, it’s time to dig in your closet and find your best Halloween costume. Atlanta-based makeup artist and model Miranda Sapp has conjured up a realistic take on a classic look. With [...]