Create DIYs to Celebrate the Fourth of July

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If you are looking for ways to keep your little ones entertained this Independence Day, consider preparing these simple DIY crafts to keep their little hands happy. None of these projects exceed $5 budget, so no need to worry about breaking the bank to keep the whole family in the holiday spirit.

What better way to watch the fireworks at night than with a Patriotic crown atop your head? Your kids will have a blast tracing their handprints and transforming them into eagle wings. Read more about how to make some of our favorite holiday crafts below:


Fourth of July ‘Flower’ Crowns

Craft courtesy of: Mary Monahan; Macaroni Kid

What you’ll need:

  • Fourth of July table decor or wreath-style decoration (can be purchased at the dollar store)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

What you do:

  • Curl the ribbon. You can use the holiday colors (I used red, white, blue, and silver) or fun color you’d like.
  • Use your scissors to cut off any parts of the decoration besides the ring.
  • Be sure to remove all sharp edges after cutting since your child will be wearing this.
  • Tie the ribbon curls to the star.
  • Wear your crown proudly!

Toilet Paper Roll Firework

Craft Courtesy of Michelle; Crafty Morning

What you’ll need:

  • Red/Blue paint
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Paper

What you do:

  • Start by cutting slits around one side of the toilet paper roll
  • Cut a slit all the way through and open it up.
  • Roll the toilet paper roll really tight and tape it together. Pull the slits back so they stick out.
  • Have the kids dip it in blue paint and stamp it on a piece of paper.
  • After that you can wipe the blue paint off and dip it in the red.
  • There you have some awesome firework prints for the holiday!

Handprint Bald Eagle 

Craft courtesy of: All Kids Network

What you’ll need:

  • Eagle template
  • Construction paper (brown, white and yellow)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Googly eyes
  • Printable Eagle Template
  • Black marker

What you do:

  • Print our eagle template and cut out the pieces. Trace the pieces onto construction paper and cut those out as well.
  • Trace your child’s handprints onto brown construction paper and cut them out.
  • Glue all of the pieces together and add googly eyes to the head.
  • Use the marker to define the toes on the eagle’s feet and the tail feathers on it’s tail.

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