Cara Delevigne and Ashley Benson go public for #PRIDE

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This past week, English model Cara Delevigne posted a video to Instagram confirming the rumors that she and Ashley Benson, an American actress best known for ABC’s “Pretty Little Liars,” were indeed in a relationship.

In an interview with E!News, Delevigne explains that posting the video meant more than just revealing a relationship, but that the act was to embody the pride she felt for her sexuality and for her loving relationship.

“I don’t know because it is Pride, it’s been 50 years since Stonewall happened and I don’t know,” she stated, explaining her rationale. “It’s been just about our one year anniversary so, why not?”

The announcement comes just in time to join the plethora of posts in celebration of Pride month, and LGBTQIA+ fans are excited to see themselves represented by celebrities who could potentially use their platform to further the gay rights movement.

The lovers have been dropping subtle hints of their relationship since last year but were hesitant to confirm the connection until this month for Pride. The two reportedly share a home together in Los Angeles, and sources say “they are committed to one another and very much in love.”

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