Branding You vs. Branding Your MLM Business

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By Annette Johnson


Should You Focus on Branding You or Branding Your MLM Business?

The appeal of being your own boss attracts many participants to multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, such as Avon and Mary Kay. Also called direct selling, or network marketing, these companies may offer significant incremental earnings based on the more you sell and the more people you recruit to join your network sales team. Thus, your success, in part, is the direct result of finding the best prospects – usually people you already know, at least initially.

In appealing to your prospects or target market, how should you promote your MLM business opportunity or products? Should you market based on your reputation or the company’s? Moreover, when there are several hundred other reps selling the same products, how do you distinguish yourself to customers?

Branding is how business and individuals differentiate themselves from their competitors. One brand of paper towel, for example, is considered more durable while another is associated with being more cost effective. Everything about the marketing of these two competing products, including advertising and even packaging, highlights their unique brand appeal.

Some consider it a mistake to brand your MLM business rather than yourself. Meanwhile, others insist that product recognition provides greater market appeal than a company distributor’s appeal, especially someone new to the business.

Many times, MLMs actually try to attract new product ambassadors or distributors by touting the sales revenue of one of its successful representatives. Thus, if MLMs are using someone’s personal brand appeal to attract business, why shouldn’t you do the same and promote your own brand?




Branding You

As I sat in an Atlanta hotel’s conference room listening to a two-hour long sales presentation for a real estate direct sales company, the main thing I remembered was the short but impactful testimonial of one the company’s new reps. A former real estate broker, she shared how she and her kids had to sleep in her car and hotels after losing everything during the market crash in 2009. She was able to recover all her loses and ultimately purchase an apartment building after joining this direct sales company.

To that point, here are six ways you can brand yourself in your MLM business:


  1. Sales Record

Success speaks for itself. If you have sold an impressive amount of goods or made your way to the top of the industry, you won’t have to do a lot of convincing. People will admire, respect and even envy you.

  1. Background

If your background (training, skill, experience, education) demonstrates that you are well qualified to sell and/or represent a product, people will more than likely trust you and regard you as an expert. Even having a long, successful background in another unrelated industry, can be effective in gaining people’s confidence, which also relates to the next point.

  1. Story

Your story, or struggles, is especially meaningful to those having to overcome similar challenges and obstacles. Even for those who have not experienced the same thing, sharing your story makes you more interesting and relatable. Most people like hearing a story of redemption because it inspires them. So, if you have a story that relates to how you embarked on your new business venture or how you became successful in spite of your challenges, share that story.

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