Back to School with Hip, Happy Shoes

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Ditch the generic store-brand sneakers for your children this fall, and consider our recommendations for dressing your kids in style. Be known as the trendy mom among your children’s friends.

JOG DOG, an Italian footwear brand, has a unique collection of colorful canvas shoes that will make your feet stand out this summer. Canvas shoes have made a huge comeback in the 2000s, particularly so with Converse and Vans, and JOG DOG embellishes their shoes with leather, velvet, sparkles and more.



They carry flats, sandals and sneakers in their line, and we love how they integrated pastel as well as vibrant hues into their shoes.

Check out this compilation of our favorite JOG DOG looks here:

If you are looking to buy your shoes with a good conscious, consider Inkkas for your children as they return to school. For every purchase made from their website (which does not list shoes for any price above $150), Inkkas plants a tree as a part of their reforesting efforts.

Their collections include culturally inspired camping boots to graphic slip-ons, textile infused high and low tops to the lightest sneaker you can find.  

Check out this compilation of our favorite Inkkas looks here:

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    Blue Shoe Guys

    August 2, 2018 at 6:30 am

    Gosh!This shoes are gonna pop! Beautiful! Very fashionable!

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