Wee Blessing: Professionally Styled Subscription Clothing for the Entire Family

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You Won’t be a Wee Bit Disappointed


When it comes to shopping, I always have two goals in mind: I want to find quality items for great prices, and I want the shopping experience to be as quick and painless as possible. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case. We’ve all been there, tirelessly flipping through the sales rack while simultaneously keeping our kids from playing with the mannequins, hiding in the dressing rooms, etc.

If you’re a busy parent and/or someone with a very demanding career, your free time is extremely precious. And, if you’re like me, you don’t want to waste it doing tedious shopping that often leads to you wasting more time on returns. And if you do find the time to go shopping, you don’t want to pay $40 on a shirt your kid is going to grow out of in a month.

Alicia Werle is coming to the rescue of mothers everywhere. As a busy sales executive, wife and mom, and she wanted to provide opportunities for women, like her, to make the most of their precious family time.  No more rounding everyone up and heading to the store.  No more looking for the right sizes and the best prices. She wanted to create a one-stop online service that does it all for you, and she calls it Wee Blessing.

“Our number one goal is to be a blessing to busy parents and families everywhere. We want to help give families back the most important thing of all…their time!  Sometimes it’s the little blessings in life that make all the difference in the world,” says Alicia Werle, Founder & CEO of Wee Blessing.

In order to receive your Blessings, all you have to do is complete a style profile for each participating family member.  With a bit of basic information such as gender, age, favorite daily wears, etc., a professional stylist will do the shopping for you. You will then receive a “style box” personalized for each family member.

Since I have a young niece, I was eager to try the Wee Blessing service for myself and my family, and I’ve got to say, I wasn’t a wee bit disappointed.

When I first received my Blessing Box, I was nervous that it would be filled with just some regular old toddler outfits. I was worried that the contents of the box wouldn’t live up to the hype, as online clothing shopping tends to be disappointing, but when I finally opened it, it was perfect!

It contained the promised number of outfits (3 or 4) neatly wrapped and folded. The box included a cute pair of pajamas, perfect for spring or summer nights, three adorable dresses: one frilly and two casual with matching leggings and was delicately lined with pink paper (my niece’s favorite color) And if the presentation wasn’t enough, they also included a letter addressed to my niece, Addison, which added such a sweet and personal touch.

The box contained brand new articles of clothing from popular brands such as Gap, Calvin Klein and Gymboree.  The selections matched my requests and were the correct size, cute styles and fun colors that my niece loves.  It arrived quickly, and the savings were fantastic which is crucial for working parents. I can’t wait to shop through the adult clothes now and getting my own Wee Blessing!

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