Wedding Day Advice: 5 Tips to Enjoying Your Wedding Day

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In many cases, brides are so concentrated on the preparations and details of the wedding that they forget to take it all in and actually enjoy the day. Weddings are huge ordeals with many moving parts, so it’s a very stressful time for the bride.

David Anthony, author of “Don’t Let Your Wedding Be the Death of You,” weighs in on his best tips to calm even the most anxious brides.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
There is so much planning that goes into coordinating a beautiful wedding. For example, brides have to pick the venue, come up with the guest list, select a photographer, and much more. However, when all is said and done and the wedding day has come, Anthony advises the bride to not sweat the small stuff. “The one thing I want to make sure happens is that when the day of your wedding comes, no matter how big of a control freak you’ve been during the process, no matter how much Mom has gotten involved, no matter what things have happened through the whole process that have made you angry, or happy or sad, just enjoy the day of the wedding,” Anthony said.
He also mentions that whatever is going to happen the day of the wedding is going to happen, so just have fun with it and enjoy. If the 3-year-old ring bearer stops in the middle of walking down the aisle and cries, just go with it. The child’s parent will quickly grab the little ring bearer, and then the show goes on. Just think, these will just be funny memories to share in the future.

Keep Loved-Ones Close
Anthony suggests enlisting the help of the bride’s closest friends and family. Always keep in mind no one ever gets through a wedding with zero issues. Something always happens, and that is when friends and family step in. For example, if a bridal party were ready to walk down the aisle, but the zipper of one of the bridesmaid’s dresses broke, this would be best to keep from the bride. The bride can depend on the other bridesmaids to quickly take care of the situation. Devoted friends and family are everything in life, so if anything happens, brides should be able to have peace of mind with the support of loved ones behind them.

Prepare a Well-Organized Plan
The best way to ensure a wedding with the least amount of issues is to ensure all the pre-planning is well organized and communicated to all parties involved. In his book, Anthony cautions brides about the various hazards associated with the planning process that can ruin a bride’s day. One of his tips is to make sure the timeline is accurate and that all parties, such as the photographer, DJ, caterers and people giving speeches know what is going on before the big day. The best way to deal with this is to hire a wedding planner or pick a venue that has someone in charge throughout the wedding reception. However, if finances are tight, delegating the coordination of tasks to a friend or family member could work as well.

Come Up with a Mantra
Studies have shown that focusing on a mental device, such as mantras, can reduce stress. The trick is to come up with a word or a phrase that can be repeated over and over again to help ease the building anxiety. Share it with all the bridesmaids so they can participate as well. The whole bridal party will probably get a good laugh from it, which is also a good stress reliever.
Here are few examples of mantras:
“I chose peace.”
“I am fortunate.”
“I am calm”

Be in the Moment
When asked about the wedding, many brides say that their wedding night was a blur. With all the time and effort it took planning the wedding, it would be a shame to not remember the wonderful memories created that night.Be in the moment when talking to guests — don’t worry about getting to every person, they will understand.
Be in the moment during the father-daughter dance since this is the moment the father of the bride has been waiting for. Being the moment for this special event will help make it memorable for both the bride and father.
And remember to be in the moment when spending time as bride and groom. This is the first day of a new life together — make it a memory that will last forever.
Experience your wedding as it happens, caught up in the present. Enjoy each second of your special day, and revel in every bit of it. Be in the moment and make the memory of your wedding a cherished one.

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