Review of A Fistful of Honey

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Kudos to Malena Crawford on writing a novel that draws you in from the very first chapter. The story of Alena’s journey of renewed self-discovery takes the reader along in this suspense filled and action packed drama. It’s a definite page turner as you root for Alena when she is transported between opposing worlds and time all while she comes to terms with her new reality. Alena must face head on impending divorce, no job and the need to make a new home for herself and her daughter on the gritty streets of Brooklyn, New York.  She is forced to face her past and the pain in her heart. When Alena befriends her extraordinary neighbor Gloria, the woman’s stunning amethyst necklace and Black Madonna painting draw her into a world of dark forces, ancient secrets, and powerful magic. After discovering this magic and the power it possesses, Alena is now faced with the challenge of saving humanity from a universal evil, the Shetani. This is one for your book shelf but don’t leave it there too long. You’ll want to ride along and root for this unexpected heroine carrying the fate of mankind on her slender shoulders!


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