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Being a mother is one of the most special callings. However, being a mother doesn’t always involve actually giving birth, for in its essence, mothering is something we do for those we love. We mother our biological children, our adopted children, our students, our relatives, or anyone we feel needs this special nurturing. In that spirit, we have composed this issue to celebrate the spirit of motherhood, including advice from celebrity moms like Chrissy Teigen and Elizabeth Banks. 

On the cover, we feature fitness guru Katie Austin and her iconic mother Denise Austin. This mother-daughter dynamic duo represents the love and legacy we sought to exemplify in this issue. We also highlight the journey of a mother from a completely different time and place –  China. We explore motherhood through the life of 92-year-old Fengxian Chu, who shared the hardships and inequality of women during a period in China that had never been documented by a woman. 

One of the most popular family shows on TV now is ABC’s Blackish, and we have included the inspiration for the show, the real-life Rainbow Johnson. She has provided highlights from her own life and how it plays out in the show, as well as in her new book about parenting. 

We also feature specialist Jennifer Mercier and her natural alternative approach to infertility. Her faith-based approach is said to have helped many women become mothers. Even a skeptic will appreciate her bold journey and timely revelation that has helped many other women. 

For those who are trying to simply find or have a stable relationship, we feature Michelle Afont who discusses how “dating like a dude” helped transform her life and find true love finally. She discovered and shared her surprising truth about dating, which may save our single readers from needless heartbreak or wasted time. We even provide insight on dating via a matchmaker, Sameera Sullivan, for those who are too busy or afraid to “get out there.” 

From personal stories of finding truth after being assaulted to accounts of making peace with taking on the family business, the theme of this issue centers around self-discovery. Every seeming tragedy or loss was turned into something positive because of the determined spirit of the women in this issue. Even the movie, “Breaking in,” we highlight starring Gabrielle Union is about a mother who fights back after her children’s safety is threatened during a home invasion. 

In general, we share accounts of lots of women who turned their lemons into lemonade. Then they created a lemonade stand so we can all share and sample their special elixirs. Drink up, ladies! 




 Annette Johnson

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