Kira’s New Joint: Making Music for Film

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After 16 years writing her own instrumental and vocal music, Kira Fontana was thrilled to compose her first original film score for a film, “Kedi,” released this year. Directed by Ceyda Torun, the documentary “Kedi” is about the hordes of cats freely roaming the metropolis of Istanbul for thousands of years, wandering in and out of people’s lives, impacting them in ways only an animal who lives between the worlds of the wild and the tamed can. Adored by fans and critics, the film has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was ranked in the top 10 films for 2017 by Entertainment Weekly.

To her credit, Kira’s film score has likewise been lauded. The New York Times said, “The mesmerizing score by Kira Fontana, interspersed with well-chosen Turkish pop, is a real asset.”

Similarly, Variety noted, “Beautifully spare musical score by Kira Fontana provides the perfect accompaniment for what gradually emerges as a profoundly affecting meditation.”

In a time when diversity and equal rights is suddenly at the forefront of many conversations, HERS caught up with Kira, the talented graduate of Yale School of Music, to discuss women in the industry, how she got there, where her inspiration comes from, and what’s next.

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