Holiday Safety Gadgets

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Protecting Your Family From Holiday-Related Accidents Just Got a Little Easier


Mini Firefighter mini firefighter

From deep-fried turkeys, to the inevitable “must have” gift of the year with exploding batteries, to unattended Menorahs and dried-out Christmas trees by New Year, there are a lot of fire hazards attached to the upcoming holidays. Mini Firefighter is a portable, eco-friendly fire extinguisher that is as compact and easy to use as a can of hairspray. It is the only compact extinguisher that works on four different fire types (Solid fire, Hydrocarbons, Electrical, and Oil/Grease) and compact enough to store in a kitchen drawer. While not a replacement for traditional fire extinguishers as required by law for certain regulations, Mini Firefighter offers an easy to use and store insurance policy. Available at minifirefighter.us or amazon.com. $19.99



Evergreen elfEvergreen Elf 

Meet the Evergreen Elf, your Christmas tree water monitor. This hardworking elf is on a mission to protect every family and Christmas tree for the Holiday season. His interactive, engaging personality makes watering the tree a fun activity for the whole family. Christmas can be hectic, and it’s easy to forget to check whether the tree has enough water. A dry tree can put your home in danger. Evergreen Elf does the job for you, so you can focus on enjoying the season. This innovative monitor has both a visual and fun audio alert to let you know when the tree is dry. It works with most available commercial tree stands, and the interchangeable batteries are designed to last the entire holiday season. Your tree stays not only safer but also fresh-looking longer. Available at https://www.evergreenelf.com. $23


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