Family Fun Overall Body Workouts 

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This is an overall body partner workout to tone and tighten. These exercises are effective, yet simple enough to do with your children. You can even use working out as a time to bond and catch up with your kids. Check out this circuit which can help you and your family get toned up for Fall. 



Start with the first exercise for one minute, then rest for 30 seconds before continuing to the next.  Repeat the circuit until you get to the top, then start again. 

Circuit should be performed three times.  Total time 21 minutes 

Equipment Needed: Medicine Ball 



1.     Squat Ball Passes
Get in a Sumo Squat position with your feet pointed slightly outwards and sit down deep. Pass the ball back and forth to your workout partner, holding in the down position. 

2.     Lunge Ball Passes
Face your partner and lunge on your right foot as you pass the ball.  When you come back up, alternate legs. 

3.     Oblique Twists Standing
Face back to back with your partner and move only at the waist, passing the ball in front of your body and then in the back of you.  

4.     Ball Sit-Ups 

With your feet locked together and knees bent, start in the sit-up position and slowly come up together passing the ball on the upwards movement.  The person with the ball should complete the sit-up, then pass the ball again in the up position. 

5.     Oblique Twists Sitting
Sit back to back with your partner crossing one leg over the other. Pass the ball in front of your body and then in the back of you. Switch legs and repeat. 





Janine Delaney

Janine is a doctor of psychology who is a former professional ballerina, exercise and nutrition specialist, and holds multiple titles as a figure competitor. Her passion is to help others realize that being fit is not just about the way you look, it's about being healthy in mind, body and soul. At nearly 50 years old, Janine is proof that age is just a number. She encourages and inspires her fans through her daily exercise routines, unique jump rope style and motivational posts on her social media. She has also recently launched a training app designed to be done anywhere, anytime and to fit into a busy lifestyle, especially those in their 40's + 50's. She is known to be upbeat and relatable and her energy is contagious!

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