Coloring U and Catching Up with Erica Dixon

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Erica Dixon, star of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” details how she stepped away from her career in reality TV and instead moved into the beauty industry. “In 2014, I started Klass6, and I’ve had my own women’s boutique and hairline since. I met Color U through an old makeup artist I used to work with, named Neema Ali. I wanted to step outside the box, you know, do something different.”

Her insecurities as a child first discouraged her from stepping out into the lime light. However, as she grew older, her insecurities transformed into a new confidence. “My favorite cosmetic application is lip gloss because, growing up as a kid, I was so ashamed of my lips. I got teased so much. It was terrible. I was like the ugly duckling with these huge lips. Once I got older, I grew into my lips and I started getting compliments like, ‘Are your lips real?’ Now the tables have turned and I’m in love with my lips.”

Skin care is a huge component within the beauty community. Dixon lets us in on some of her beauty secrets. Her secret? Her diet. “I don’t really wear makeup myself. That’s what keeps my skin so clear. I also drink plenty of water. People ask me what am I using for my skin and I say… water? Plus, I practice clean eating! I just went vegan a couple of months ago.”

The path to clean eating was an easy lifestyle change for Dixon. “Someone challenged me to be vegan and they didn’t think I could stick to it. After being able to do it for 30 days, I challenged myself and I went another 30 days. I just felt a difference in my body. I had more energy, and healthier hair and skin.”

Dixon’s passions also seep into the worlds of fashion. “My fall fashion this year is oversized everything. I love oversized tops. I’m sticking with skinny jeans, though. I also love a mean heel, maybe 5 to 6 inches, or a nice boot, and I’m good.”

Dixon loves being able to help her daughter find her own personal style, even when she’s being difficult. Helping others find confidence in themselves is a goal for Dixon. “I try to tell my daughter to let me help her dress because she doesn’t have style yet. But she always says no because she wants everything to match. I tell her everything doesn’t have to match completely. There are colors that coincide and contrast nicely with each other, but she refuses to let me help her out! However, when I put her looks together, she always says, ‘Oh, Mom, can you start putting my clothes together now?’”

She frequently finds comfort and happiness through her careers, even when she’s uncertain of the future. “Nothing really scares me at this point. Whether it’s parenting or my career, I just expect the unexpected. Even with being back on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ I look forward to the family the show brings together.

Dixon refuses to stray from her personal beliefs and personal style. “If it’s business, or fashion, no matter what, I’m going to be true to myself. I never wanted to be apart of a popular crowd, or wear what this person wears, or look like another person. I’ve always wanted to just be Erica. I wanted that to be noticed about me the most. So, I’m always sure to stay grounded and humble.”

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