Antigone Rising to the Top

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A Look into The Girl Band That is Rocking Out to Equality


Antigone Rising was the first band on Starbucks Hear Music Label where they achieved big success very quickly.  They have opened for such acts as The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Rob Thomas, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, and more recently, The Bangles, The Indigo Girls, etc.  They were signed to Lava Records; a lead singer change came next and a rebuilding musically into a more country pop sensibility.

Antigone Rising puts on a great show, and their excellent musicianship, songwriting and soaring three-part harmonies have kept them a favorite in clubs and Festivals. Founding sisters Cathy and Kristen Henderson have always had the same philosophy, play better than the boys and make sure the fans feel like part of the family. That philosophy plus writing undeniably catchy songs has allowed this self-sustained group to maintain their independence and leave an indelible mark on an industry best known for leaving girl (bands) behind.  Antigone Rising continues to play a major part in LGBT advocacy. Their latest release from Whiskey & Wine Vol 2, included an “equality” inspired video for the single “Game Changer.” The massive success of their release, “Whiskey & Wine, Vol 1,” kept the band on the road for most of the year to support the massive success of the release of “That Was the Whiskey”. “That Was The Whiskey and “Game Changer” were co-written with Grammy Award Winner Lori McKenna (Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Little Big Town, Hunter Hayes,etc.)

Antigone Rising is made up of unique and creative women who are dedicated to supporting many causes from equality for women, to world hunger to international peace.  The band traveled to Vietnam as Cultural Ambassadors for the United States doing outreach programs, master classes and public concerts to audiences in Ho Chi Minh City and the central coastal city of Nha Trang.  Continuing as Ambassadors for the United States, they have traveled to the Middle East visiting the cities and territories within Israel and the West Bank promoting peace and understanding through good rocking American music. Germany was next, touring and continuing their outreach between shows.  The band united with the Push4 Peace organization to promote world peace, and their musical encore was included in a global effort on International peace day that was streamed all over the world through Peace TV.

Antigone Rising recently launched Girls Rising, a not for profit organization set to inspire and educate kids, especially young girls, to pursue careers in the music industry.  They have partnered with school districts and youth centers to create innovative programming dedicated to building confidence in youth by developing leadership and creative skills through musical workshops, outreach programs and performances.


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