Angela Merkel Speaks On Being a Woman in the Political World

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Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, has finally decided to give a little insight on her life as a woman in the political world.

After stating that she will not be running for chancellor again once her term is complete in 2021, Merkel’s restraint on speaking on issues about women is no longer a delicate topic. It was said that she may have avoided talking about her gender because she was worried that it would have weakened her political standing, but now that she is no longer in the running for her position, she is ready to have this conversation.

One would assume that because Merkel built her career on avoiding pressing issues about women, or even acknowledging women related subject matters, she would not be as influential in the feminist world as she is. However, she has always distinguished herself from other women she considers “real feminists” by stating her importance to women comes by simply being one. Merkel was astonished at the fact that women look up to her because of the fact she has never addressed women related problems. She said, “The fact that women compare themselves to me arises from the fact that I am a woman and other women also sometimes face difficult tasks.”

She has since changed her habit of avoiding issues surrounding women. Recently, she spoke openly about her personal experiences as a female in the political world. She now acknowledges her femininity by stating, “When I say or do something, I am saying or doing it as a woman.”

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