Feel the Difference: the Right Way to Stretch with Motion Stretch Studio

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The majority of people have been stretching incorrectly their entire lives, and MOTION Stretch Studios are opening everywhere, ready to provide a 30-minute stretching experience that teaches you how to do so the right way. Today was the grand opening of  MOTION Stretch Studio in Atlanta and may be the answer everyone with a busy life has been looking for. If the gym has left you with aching muscles, or the exhaustion of everyday life is slowing your body down, a little relief could potentially await you atop the massage tables at these studios. I was able to experience this relief first hand at their grand opening celebration.

Upon registering and signing a waiver, you will receive personal guidance with a stretching coach during a 30-minute session that will supposedly relieve your body of any physical discomfort.

When I entered I was greeted by staff who explained clearly what was included in a 30-minute session. As my instructor escorted me to a message table, he asked what were my concerns. Recently, I attended a music festival and my neck and shoulders were still sore from a combination of head-banging and heavy lifting around the campsite. I told him and asked what should I expect during my session. He explained that their practice was a lot like “visiting a massage therapist without the fluff and cucumbers,” and for 20-minutes, I experienced pure relief.

Compared to a physical therapy session, which targets one area of the body for an extended period of time, MOTION Stretch focuses on the entire body during each session. To start, they use a large vibrating tool that targets specific pressure points around the body before focusing on each individual problem area. My coach instructed me on how to breathe properly, as he worked out the knots along my shoulder blade. Taking a “myo-fascial” (myo meaning muscle and fascial meaning connective tissue)  approach to stretching,  the practice is said to improve elasticity, increase energy and reduce injuries. The session was non-invasive and my coach verbalized his actions and the effects it would have on my body throughout the entirety of it.

I genuinely enjoyed the experience, as well as the upbeat music selected by the in-house DJ. This is recommended for desk workers, mothers on-the-go , runners and athletes alike.



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