American Idol Returns With a Kiss from Katy Perry

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American Idol is back! While the show has been around for quite a while now, this year marks the first season of American Idol on ABC, and the show has changed quite a bit from the days of Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken.

The show is sticking to its original formula that consists of an R&B judge (Lionel Richie), a complimentary pop princess (Katy Perry)  and of course, Ryan Seacrest as the host. The main difference that isn’t too hard to miss, however, is that instead of the rude English judge that we loved to hate, Idol seems to be taking a page out of The Voice’s handbook by bringing on a good ole’ country boy (Luke Bryan) as the third judge.

Despite the genre differences and age gaps, all of the new hosts seem to be getting along quite well. While it’s nice to see this new friendly and welcoming side of American Idol, I wonder if the show will keep the audience’s attention without the controversy that we came to expect from Simon and Paula in the show’s earlier seasons.

While many may miss the bluntness of Simon’s rejections, it is clear that the new judges plan on taking it a lot easier on contestants who don’t get the golden ticket to Hollywood. Katy Perry even went as far as to give one lucky contestant his first kiss. Overall, Perry has been a blast to watch so far and appears to be the leading judge on the show in all her glittered glory.

While the judges and atmosphere has shifted, the talent walking into the audition room hasn’t changed a bit. It’s already clear that there are some serious contenders for the title of, “American Idol.”

Singers like Gabbii Jones, from St. Louis, Missouri, for instance are already showing their potential by belting out Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” and killing it!

“It was like a really surreal experience because I was really nervous. You know you want to impress the judges because these are people who already know what they’re looking for, they know what they want, and these are true musicians. So, just getting past my nerves and being able to stay true to who I was as an artist and as a person is something that I had to remember,” Gabbii told Hers.

While many of the contestants, like Gabbii have been singing their entire lives to get to this moment, Andrew Weaver, aged 16, has been in a whirlwind since he decided out of the blue to start singing only two years ago.

The Shawn Mendez-looking teen instantly grabbed Katy Perry’s attention when he walked in the room with his boyish charm. She instantly exclaimed that he “already had the star look going for him.” And after his acoustic rendition of The Beatle’s, “In My Life,” I’m sure he caught the attention of many at home viewers as well.

When asked about being moved on to the next round of American Idol, Weaver said, “I’m just honestly blessed to be there. Never in a million years would I think I would be on this kind of level… national television. I always dreamed about it, and I’ve watched these shows with my mom growing up. I never thought that, you know, I would have the chance to be a part of it. And, it’s just fantastic, and it’s mind blowing. It still hasn’t sunk in yet.”

So, will we have a soulful rock artist as our next idol, or will it be a new teen heart throb? Episode one of season 16 wasn’t disappointing. Let’s see if the rest of the season can keep this momentum.


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