A Country Divided Over Scouts

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As many may have already heard, the Boy Scouts of America have recently made the decision to allow girls in the previously male-exclusive club and thereby change their name to  Scouts BSA. The reasons for the name and membership change have been chalked up to a variety of reasons, some of which include gender equality, giving girls access to the prestigious Eagle Scout award and title, giving girls who like camping/outdoor activities more access to said activities, and lastly raising membership numbers for the Boy Scouts which has drastically dropped off in recent years.

Whatever the reason for the change, the organization’s decision to let girls join the Boy Scouts is evolving into yet another left wing vs. right wing issue in this country. People have taken to Twitter like crazy turning every tweet into a bullet flying from the liberal and conservative trenches alike. While some claim this is another step in the opposite direction of “making America great again,” others applaud the inclusivity shown by the Boy Scout Association saying it should have happened a long time ago. And lastly, there’s a third wild card in the mix who are outraged that girls are only seen as equal when they’re compared to boys.


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