4 Warning Signs Parents Should Look Out for at Amusement Parks

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By Merilee Kern

Merilee Kern

The facts are sobering, gut-wrenching and indisputable. America’s children are needlessly suffering and even dying due to subpar safety standards at family entertainment venues across the board. This as evidenced, for one, by the ceaseless glut of reports on recent amusement and trampoline park adolescent deaths, paralysis and a litany of other catastrophic injuries. The problem is far more pervasive than that, as an array of other types of family-oriented centers and activities fraught with downright unacceptable facility flaws and inadequate policies, or a lack of suitable safety measures or policies all-together.

Enter family entertainment venue executive Tim Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of Rebounderz Family Entertainment Centers. He’s on a mission to significantly improve safety standards not only within the trampoline park industry (having developed and wholeheartedly enforcing a litany of perfect patents related there to), but with amusement and theme activity parks, playgrounds, concert halls, and other such family establishments at large.

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