15 Women to Watch in 2015

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Elizabeth Warren

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fc/Elizabeth_Warren_CFPB.jpgWhat Area


Where She’s Located

Cambridge, MA


Elizabeth Warren is not only a woman to keep an eye on this year but, quite possibly, in the years to come. The Massachusetts Senator has been recently labeled as a leading figure for the Democratic Party and, quite possibly, a major contender in the 2016 presidential elections. Warren’s main focus is on financial issues; not surprising, considering she was involved in overseeing many of the relief programs in the 2008 financial crisis. Her latest battle looks to be centered on the recent Congressional effort to overturn the Dodd-Frank law, an act that, she claims, would dismantle programs vital to the regulation of Wall Street and the prevention of another financial crisis. If she is, in fact, gearing up to run in 2016, we anticipate big efforts in the works for Elizabeth Warren in 2015.

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