15 Women to Watch in 2015

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Condoleezza Rice

http://www.fordhallforum.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Rice-Condoleezza2-RICE-10-28-10-e1281725188778.jpgWhat Area


Where She’s Located

Stamford, CT


She’s most known for being the 66th Secretary of State of the US and for her academic career at Stamford University.  However, Condoleezza Rice is a woman of many talents; and they extend beyond her classical piano skills. In October 2013, Rice was selected to be one of the 13 inaugural members of the College Football Playoff, Postseason Selection Committee. She endured initial criticism over her selection. But her dad’s influence (who was a football coach), her experiences dealing with athletic issues in her role as  Provost at Stamford, plus her own dedication to the game (she watches 13 – 15 college match ups every week!) has helped to quiet the nay-sayers. Keep up with the former Madam Secretary at Facebook.com/CondoleezzaRice.

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