15 Women to Watch in 2015

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Erin Brockovich


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Where She’s Located

Agoura Hills, CA


Erin Brockovich became a household name back in 2000 when Julia Roberts portrayed her so well in a movie bearing Brockovich’s name that Roberts won an Oscar for Best Actress.  However, major corporations who were wreaking havoc on the environment already knew her name since 1993 and have been shaking in their boots ever since.  Fast forward 20 years and Erin is still going strong, championing causes and still holding major corporations accountable through her firm Brockovich Research & Consulting. Although synonymous with championing environmental causes, she has expanded her advocacy to include assisting those wronged by pharmaceutical companies and their products as well as personal injury cases.  A few of her current projects include helping those affected by the drugs Xarelto and Lipitor as well as women who underwent unnecessary hysterectomies to treat fibroids.  Learn more at Brocovich.com.

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