15 Women to Watch in 2015

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Rassalyn Willis

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Charity and Community Service

Where She’s Located

Atlanta, GA


Rassalyn is the founder of Motherless Daughters Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to embracing and encouraging the growth and development of young girls entering their adolescent years without the support of their natural mother.  Since its 2013 inception, Willis has been able to attract the attention of influential women such as Xernona Clayton (“Honorary Mother”) and entities, including Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The mother of four wanted to influence and uplift these young girls, who hail from various backgrounds and situations, but who all needed a mother figure. In 2014, the girls participated in a golf tournament and other activities while getting essential back-to-school shopping done at Old Navy. Willis plans to ramp up her efforts in 2015, taking on new girls and incorporating activities such as outdoor hiking and indoor workshops.







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Denise Renee is a professional copywriter, freelance journalist and blogger based in Atlanta, GA.  Connect with her on Twitter via @MeetDeniseRenee.

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