10 Easy Recipes to Celebrate the Fourth of July

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The Fourth of July is a right around the corner, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to create a menu for the special occasion. Like many holidays, the Fourth of July is a time most people spend with their family and friends and enjoy each others company. It’s also a time to indulge in eating all your favorite foods that you don’t normal eat on a regular basis.

For people who may worry about maintaining a healthy diet, eating over the holidays can be tricky. However, trying not to eat your favorite foods is counter productive and can have the opposite effect. There are so many options and creative ways to eat the foods you love. Here are some healthy and delicious alternatives to America’s classic meals.



Tomato Salad with Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette

Start your dinner with a dish that's light in flavor and adds a pop of color to your table. Choose multicolored heirloom tomatoes for this simple salad. All you need is some olive oil and fresh lemons juice.
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Cauliflower-Potato Salad with Horseradish Dressing

Instead of making a traditional potato salad, try a spin on one of America's favorite dishes by using cauliflower. It cuts down on the carbs and calories, and is a perfect side dish to have with all your barbecue classics.
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Greek Chicken Kabob with Tzatziki Sauce

Kabobs aren't just pretty to look at, they're even better eat. A quick and easy way to get your veggies and protein is to put them all on a stick, ready to grill or bake for party goers. This party friendly appetizer is prefect to get your taste buds working and ready for the main course.
Recipe by Jar of Lemons

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Coleslaw

Here's a thought- add a little coleslaw to your barbecue chicken sandwich. It will give your sandwich a nice crunch, while balancing out the sweet or tangy flavor of your choice of barbecue sauce.
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Low Country Boil 

If you're from Seattle, Portland, or Miami,  eating seafood for the 4th of July is probably very normal. However, for many southerners who revel in the barbecue sauce that covers their chicken and slab of ribs, eating seafood may be a nice change. Try a low country boil this year and mix your favorite seafood by adding shrimp, crab legs and crawfish.
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Lobster Salad Roll with Shaved Fennel and Citrus

Here's another dish for my seafood lovers. Try this sandwich for lighter yet filling entree.
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Lamb Burger with Feta Tzatziki

Instead of grilling up a classic American beef burger, try lamb. Compared to beef, lamb is better in protein and it's easier for your body to digest it, not to mention it's more tender and not as dry. Trust me,  your body and your taste buds will thank you later after the holiday.
Recipe by The Chutney Life

Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Roasted Cherries and Dark Chocolate Freckles

Nothing says comfort food like homemade ice cream, but could you say the same thing about goat cheese ice cream? Goat milk is known to be a healthier alternative that cow's milk, as it is easier to digest, reduces inflammation and increases metabolism. Try this sweet treat with roasted cherries, and add some dark chocolate to add a bit more comfort to a spin on an simple summer dessert.
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Triple Berry Frozen Smoothie

Of course no summer holiday is complete without a frozen treat. Enjoy a smoothie filled with natural sweeteners and fruit. The perfect treat to have during a hot summer day is a nice cold drink, preferable one that's also healthy.  Recipe by In Katrina's Kitchen

Red White and Blue Sangria

A 4th of July celebration wouldn't be much of a celebration without a special holiday drink! Add some apple slices and berries to this sangria mix. Most importantly, make sure to let your fruit soak overnight in the alcohol and juices. It will make all the difference in how you celebrate this patriotic day.
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